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Every solution we design is customized to solve your unique business challenge. As a strategic partner, we work with you as the solution is implemented from start to finish.

The areas of expertise below will give you a sense of our capabilities at Promark, but nothing beats a conversation.

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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

If you are an executive being challenged to step into a new role, a leader trying to elevate someone on your team to a new level, or just in a season where support around your purpose and actionable planning would set you up for a different trajectory, our team at Promark would be honored to serve your growth.

Executive Coaching is a partnership between the organization, the individual and the coach. The goal of any engagement is to develop your capability to achieve your business goals and help you expand your capacity. It is an intentional process with focus and feedback, using data from multiple perspectives to identify potential barriers, explore possibilities and achieve your goals.

Leveraging tools like Harrison, MBTI, CISS, 360 Surveys, Thomas Kilman and DiSC, we provide targeted behavior coaching, high potential developmental coaching, or coaching specific to your unique business challenge. 

Career Transition & Outplacement

Career Transition & Outplacement

We empower transitioning employees to approach new beginnings with confidence. By listening to your needs and understanding your unique situation, we will develop a customized solution for your transitioning employees. After time with Promark, people usually feel better about - and speak better of - former employers. Our process also makes separation easier on HR, and improves the morale of remaining employees.

We believe our work begins well before Notification Day. At no extra cost, our onsite outplacement services not only give us a unique opportunity to develop rapport with a transitioning employee, but they can take some of the pressure and stress off of your leadership team.

During separation, candidates have access to a dedicated coach as well as state-of-the-art tools like 24/7 access to Momentum™, a secure, global technology platform that provides robust research, planning and tracking dashboards. Each engagement begins with helping the employee prepare for this new beginning through guided self-assessment, LinkedIn™ training, resume creation and targeted job search document creation, as well as networking methodology and strategy.

For the executive in transition, we provide customized solutions addressing the unique challenges associated with transitioning as a leader and charting a new course. These solutions also offer access to a private office and full administrative support.

With monthly reporting for your team, an annual account review and refundable transition services beginning immediately after separation, you won’t find another partner as committed to your success as Promark.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Strong leaders will take your organization further than almost any other variable in your business. But like so much else, strong leaders are developed intentionally. Let our team at Promark help your organization through a system of leadership development curriculum developed uniquely for you.

At Promark, we have access to resources and tools like The Promark Team Accelerator and Manager as Coach®, but a leadership development roadmap is always customized to your business needs, appetite for change and timeline of investment.

HR Support

Human Resources Advisory

As a leader in today’s evolving workplace, driving the people agenda means delivering a dynamic employee experience and positioning your organization as a source of innovation as you drive business outcomes.

When managed effectively, human capital can enable enterprises to achieve success in an ever-competitive world of dramatic disruption while sustaining long-term success. At Promark, we enable our clients to leverage effective management methodology as they approach planning, organizing, directing, controlling and coordinating for acquisition, utilization, development, engagement and retention for human capital.

As the trusted HR Advisor for many of our clients, our firm provides access to world class Human Resources advisory services for the entire Talent LifeCycle, from talent acquisition to talent transition.