Strategic Talent Advisory Services

Talent is the most powerful growth lever there is. We help you optimize it.

Count on your teams, quarter after quarter and year after year.

The key to employing exceptional talent is creating an exceptional culture. It must welcome, support, and reward employees. But those are just the basics.

Your culture must also reflect a larger mission, encourage collaboration, and minimize friction. It must offer continual opportunities for people to learn and grow. It must solicit employee ideas and put them into practice.

All with a focus on your company’s unique goals.

Promark has helped thousands of companies achieve sustained growth through sustained talent. We design custom talent management programs that draw the right people in, equip them to excel, and entice them to stay.

 We’ll do the same for your company.

Talent Advisory Services we deliver

Outmaneuver your competitors with people programs as unique
as your people themselves.

Talent Attraction, Acquisition, and Retention Programs

Map your long-term goals to the expertise they require. Then use a modern marketing approach to attract, recruit, preboard, and onboard the best-fit talent in your industry. Design clear integration steps, progression and mobility paths, employee experience plans, reward structures, well-being initiatives, and feedback loops.

Employee Growth Plans

Help your people level up, and they’ll help your company do the same. Create programs for leadership development, executive coaching, and other learning and mentoring initiatives.

Work Environment Programs

Determine how, when, and where employees work best in your organization. Then devise on-site, hybrid, and work-from-home policies that serve employees while protecting your ability to innovate and meet deadlines.

Organization Design

Prioritize talent at every level in your company, and benefit from the employee engagement that results. Align your departments, teams, roles, and reporting relationships with a mission, core values, and the competitive landscape to create drive and purpose. Establish communication and listening channels so employees can be brand advocates.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plans

Implement a holistic, metrics-based DEI program. Provide belonging, contribution, and growth opportunities for historically overlooked talent and everyone on staff, which raises new and exciting business opportunities for you.

Conflict Resolution Plans

Develop the processes for communication, solution discovery, and negotiation when employees or teams disagree. Also establish the controls and accountability measures that help prevent workplace conflict before it begins.

HR Due Diligence

During mergers and acquisitions, conduct human capital analysis with discernment, transparency, and respect. Navigate the complex endeavor to combine and reorganize teams, policies, and cultures. Implement a clear and authentic communication effort before, during, and afterward.

Crisis Management Plans

Protect your employees’ health and safety, and your company’s continuity, by preparing for disruptive or hazardous events. Create people-first policies that outline responses, contingencies, and follow-up steps.

HR Effectiveness Metrics

Establish a new set of metrics that reveal how your HR efforts impact your business as a whole – not just how they impact your HR department. Show the line from your people strategies to your product development, sales, customer care, employee growth, and opportunities won and lost.

Compensation Packages

With a strategic talent attraction mindset, design competitive salary and bonus structures, ownership opportunities, benefit options, paid-time-off plans, educational opportunities, and other incentives.

Why Talent Advisory services?

Because motivated, happy talent positions you to win like nothing else. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:


  • A collaborative, purposeful workplace culture
  • Increased retention
  • Expanded market reach
  • Higher sales and revenue


  • Expert leadership
  • Increased productivity
  • Faster time to market
  • Boosts in creativity and innovation
  • Tighter product market fit


  • Deeper client relationships from more engaged employees
  • Shorter response times
  • Better decisions at the point of service
  • Improved products

Make your next talent decision with a strategic talent partner.

Take the risk out of your people plans. Put in ROI instead.

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