Got people? Then you likely have challenges... Promark can help

Care for your employees and grow their careers while you build your brand. Promark helps you build people programs that deliver the business results you’re looking for.


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What our clients say

A few words from execs and leaders at companies we’ve helped

Services that enrich the people experience at your organization.

Help your employees thrive at work — in their roles, on their teams, and beyond what they imagine. For them and for you.

Guide a workforce in transition.

Sometimes market conditions demand changes in your teams. And sometimes your mission diverges from employee paths. Employee separations are tough, but you can turn them into opportunities for everyone.

Shape your top leaders into world-class assets.

Your leaders are already great ones. With custom coaching they’ll be results-driving, change-making standouts that your competitors can't mimic.

Grow your edge.

Your people are your most powerful competitive advantage, so investing in their growth means investing in yours. Help them lead, inspire, collaborate, and deliver with excellence.

Gather and keep outstanding talent.

Get consistent about attracting, motivating, managing, and retaining the sought-after talent that sets your company apart.

What makes us different

We ditched the factory HR settings and replaced them with talent management programs customized for every client.

Results-first talent management

We design custom people solutions for the business challenges you need to solve and the results you need to deliver. Your business goals lead all your other programs. We make sure they lead your people programs too.

Personal interaction

Throughout our work together, you get a dedicated Promark consultant who meets with you one-on-one. We don’t shuffle projects, delegate them to junior staff, or let tools stand in for the craftspeople.

Local partnership

We work with you in your location because career milestones and people challenges aren’t remote events. Our digital resources are helpful add-ons, not replacements for personal support.

People strategy with human kindness

People are your greatest business asset. They’re also real people, with families and feelings. Our custom talent management programs serve you and honor them accordingly.

Career Partners International

As a CPI equity partner, we deliver our in-person services all over the world. Wherever you are, we’re there too.

Who we serve

If you develop or manage people, we’re here to help you.

Executive Leaders

Get to the top of your game, and bring your direct reports and their teams along too.

Business Owners

Speed your growth with an on-demand, in-the-background Chief People Officer.

HR Leaders

Exceed your targets across all your people mandates with systems and programs crafted just for you.

Employees in Career Transition

Discover the possibilities open to you, and enter your next chapter without skipping a beat.

50+ years of expertise in talent management

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Got people? Then you likely have challenges... Promark can help

We’re here for you at every stage of the talent life cycle — from before the hiring process begins to after employees leave your company. And absolutely everything in between.

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