About Promark

Talent management services customized for your business goals, wherever you are in the world.

Hello! We’re Promark.

We’re glad you’re here. (And we’re in the people business, so we really do mean that.)

Our singular focus is people in the workplace, and our mission is to help companies deliver a custom people experience that drives business results.

We often refer to ourselves as a mature startup. We’ve been around a while, but we’re disrupting the notion of standardized human resources. Instead, we customize talent management programs for every client and show up in person to help implement them.

We got our start in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1968. We added an office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 2019. From these home bases, we work with companies and their people across a wide region that includes southern Ohio, western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana.

We also work with companies all over the world, thanks to our equity partnership with Career Partners International. We are committed to delivering in-person talent management services anywhere. And we remain a U.S.-owned and operated company.

We think you’ll notice the difference when you work with us. We understand the challenges of a modern workforce, and we offer you a personal partnership to help solve them.

Our values

The people-centered principles that guide everything we do.


People will always be your most powerful competitive asset. Their uniqueness, their ability to create, and their growth over time are what make your organization the only one of its kind – even if you’re in a sea of competitors. It’s why we custom tailor every client engagement.


We work hard to earn your trust. From the first time we meet, we listen attentively, seek to understand, make your goals our goals, and communicate openly and often. It’s an honor to us when you put your people in our hands. We take that honor seriously.


We’re talent management veterans and experts with a vast network of senior, seasoned consultants. Our custom talent solutions and powerful reach are possible through our strategic equity partnership with Career Partners International, a global thought leader in human capital management.

Our Team

We’re talent pros with decades of experience getting business results for organizations and their people. Now let’s introduce you to our people.

Wilbur “Bill” Harmon

CEO and Managing Partner

Bill Carigan

Market President

Bob McClure

Market President

Marlene Wamsley

Career Transition Lead

Marty Page

Senior Career Consultant and Coach

Suma Kolla

Office Manager

Our Reach

Our office locations cover a large Midwestern/Mid-Atlantic region, and our reach is global.

Greater Cincinnati



Southern Ohio


Greater Pittsburgh

Southwestern Pennsylvania

West Virginia


Your city or area, wherever it is in the world

Looking for a Talent Management solution?

Consider a partnership with Promark. We’re here to answer your questions, gain your trust, and earn your business.

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