CPI Partners with Coaching Power and AI to Revolutionize Job-Hunting


Revolutionizing the Job Search: The Fusion of Coaching Expertise and AI-Powered Technology 

Career Partners International proudly announces the integration of Coaching Power and AI-powered tools, creating a powerful synergy to propel job searches to unprecedented heights. This cutting-edge technology combines the human experience of qualified coaches with the unmatched capabilities of AI-powered tools, ensuring the creation of optimized resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters at an unparalleled speed and precision.

CPI has integrated Jobscan’s premium job search optimization tools to harness the collaborative potential of human expertise and advanced AI capabilities. The result is a holistic job search program that streamlines the resume creation and optimization process and equips job seekers with the edge necessary to stand out from the crowd. This intersection of technology with a human touch allows CPI to deliver a uniquely personalized service.

“Our commitment to delivering the best job search solutions is exemplified through the seamless integration of Expert Coaches and AI-powered tools,” stated Sue Rowley, EVP of Corporate Services and Technology at CPI. “Our latest offering, Power Edit powered by Jobscan combined with our PowerMyJobSearch tool, embodies this commitment by providing personalized resume statements, built-in templates, synonym recommendations, and an array of other powerful features, all designed to ensure a top-tier job search marketing package for our users.”


Our technology is a testament to CPI’s drive for innovation and excellence in human resources. With its state-of-the-art functionalities, including LinkedIn Profile customization, this tool empowers individuals to create compelling job search marketing that resonates with employers in today’s competitive job market. 

CPI serves thousands of clients, making us one of the leading consultancies in the world. With more than 300 locations, we are a leading provider of Outplacement, Career Management, Executive Coaching, and Leadership Development Services.  Employers around the world trust our local market experts to provide the best possible outcomes for employees.


Contact: Rebecca Goodman

Email: rgoodman@bemarketingsolutions.com

CPI Partners with Coaching Power and AI to Revolutionize Job-Hunting

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