Remember, Leader: It’s Not About You

David had one goal as he walked down the hall with his head hung low: make it back to his office without running into anyone. He watched the floor pass beneath him, still unable to believe his end-of-the-month meeting with Greg, his manager, went the way it did. A few weeks earlier, a family emergency […]

4 Steps to Harness 360 Feedback’s Possibilities

Leaders who “check their blind spots” position themselves for success by knowing what competencies they possess, how those relate to the success of the company, and how others around them—peers, direct reports, customers, etc.—perceive their day-to-day effectiveness. In other words, a 360-feedback survey is a professional development, “How’s my driving?” sticker.

Reflect, Reset, and Lead

Truth is, no matter how thrilling or frustrating the year was, every leader can capitalize on the opportunities the end of the year brings to reflect and ready themselves to begin the new year with fresh outlooks, eager teams, and renewed confidence.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Leadership Every Day

Inspiring leadership takes intentionality every day to adopt, contextualize, and translate these practices into your leadership habits. And while three- or four-day conferences play a genuine role in a leader’s growth, they’re no replacement for a leader’s pursuing intentionality today so they can be effective tomorrow.

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