Employee Experience

What is Employee Experience? Employee experience, otherwise known as EX, is a buzzword in the HR world right now. Before diving into its buzz, what is employee experience? EX encompasses every interaction an employee has with their employer, from the application and interview processes to their daily tasks to their offboarding and outplacement services. Employee […]

McKinsey’s Extensive Outplacement Plan

The Consulting Giant Just Announced Layoffs. Here We Analyze the Pros and Cons of Their Headline-Making Strategy. McKinsey, arguably the world’s most prestigious consulting firm, recently announced a downsizing plan. And last year they announced a record $16 billion in revenue and a re-election of their global managing partner. It goes to show that no […]

The Benefits of Leadership Coaching for Emerging Leaders

Today, organizations must constantly seek ways to cultivate and develop their high-potential employees to remain competitive. Companies that recognize the role these individuals play in driving company success turn to leadership development programs as a powerful tool to nurture and unlock the full potential of their emerging leaders. Developing their roles, fostering their growth, and helping […]

Why You Should Utilize Executive Coaching Services

Today, leadership excellence has become more crucial than ever. It’s essential to leverage the power of coaching services to unlock your full leadership potential. According to SHRM, developing a coaching program that works closely with HR may be vital for organizations seeking to regain their footing after the upheaval of the previous four years. Promark […]

Strategies for Managing Hybrid Teams in Today’s Digital Workplace

Hybrid work has become the new norm, propelled forward by technological advances and the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Forbes, 74% of companies now offer some type of hybrid work option, and only 8% of employees are interested in returning to the office full-time. That number may fluctuate, but one fact has become clear: hybrid work […]

Remember, Leader: It’s Not About You

David had one goal as he walked down the hall with his head hung low: make it back to his office without running into anyone. He watched the floor pass beneath him, still unable to believe his end-of-the-month meeting with Greg, his manager, went the way it did. A few weeks earlier, a family emergency […]

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